About Ibes


He struts with her.
Heads turn.
Or stubbornly refuse
to admit

He charms her.
Eyes question.
Or look jealously
around him.

He flatters her,
her scarf.

About us :
Beauty in all it’s forms : art, nature, stories, music, mythes, cultures, history, life itself…. Is what intrigues me.
It all started when I was a little girl following a musical education and learning how to play the piano.
Listening to all the piano concerto’s gave me goose bumps several times.
My doll was my best friend. She was my model for the several dresses I made for her.

After the academy of art, interior decorating, flower arrangement and art history, it was obvious that I wanted to create something that was a reflection of myself.
Like many women, I always love wearing shawls, so , one day, I just started designing scarves to express myself.

Every design has a story
I find it important to deliver a message with my shawls. Many people are in need of love and security these days. With these messages/stories , I intend to give a kind of warmth, a security to feel stronger against the outside world.
Every scarf I design, is accompanied with a text , the story how I became inspired to make the scarf.
The sources of inspiration are thoughts, feelings, evolutions, collective memories, ancient history, religions and traditions, for example the aboriginals, the old Greeks, the Old Testament, Buddhist texts , etc…. I also look at the Zeitgeist.
Don’t we all have ‘a secret story’ ?
Don’t we all wish a ‘solid-as-a-rock ‘ as a partner ?
Don’t we all go through a sort of ‘transformation’ during our life ?

Natural fibers
Another aspect is the importance of the material.
I love natural fibers. I still hear my mother say : “This blouse is made in the material crêpe georgette”. I‘ll never forget it. Our older ladies still know these kinds of silk.
It would be sad that this knowledge disappears.

We only use the highest quality, natural fabrics and we only work with companies that deliver animal friendly materials and have an ecological friendly production procedure.

Exclusive designs
We create exclusive, limited edition in-house designs.
Every scarf has a name.
Every scarf tells a story.
Every scarf makes the woman wearing it feel special

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